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On this page I will suggest links to several manufacturers that I have found to be helpful.
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Third Generation ~ This is one of the most helpful sites for 82 - 92 F-Body owners. Membership is 2500 plus. Packed full of Manufacturer's Links and a Message Board that will help with technical questions. Also has a Classified Ad section. Because of the vast coverage of links on this site I will direct you here often and I will not list many manufacturers as they are available on this site, only the ones I use most often. My ThirdGen ID is MikeInAZ, when you have the time please view my Thank You List.

Metzler Racing ~ Third Gen enthusiast Mike Metzler has a super website dedicated to Third Gen racing. Specifically racing his 1986 IROC Z28. Check this site out, lots of good info and links.

U Need a Part ~ This is a must have link. An excellent resource for used parts. I have used this site many times and always find an excellent price on hard to find used parts. Just type in what you are looking for and within an hour you will have emails from all over the USA from people quoting their best price.

Art Houser's Rear End Service ~ Specializing in rear parts and service, over half of their customer vehicles are Camaro/Firebird and Chevy trucks. Check them out today or call 1-888-560-2127.

Camaro Source
YES .... there is a Camaro Heaven and I think I've found it. A most awesome resource for ALL Camaro owners. This site covers 1967-Present & Future Camaro years and models. Free email, free classifieds, more than 600 pages of Camaro Bliss. This Includes RARE Camaro's and Hard to find information. Check this site out.

Kragen Auto ~ A.K.A. Checker Auto list this site because they have a "real" online parts catalog. The Autozone, Pep Boys, and NAPA websites are 100% worthless. I use this site constantly to find parts and get parts prices on sensors, belts, hoses, plugs, etc. Bookmark this site as one of your favorite places and then after you type in what kind of car and engine you have, bookmark the page it takes you to also. That way when you look for a car part you can bypass all the startup stuff.

World Parts Center ~ I use this site to type in a GM part number. It will give you stocking locations by area code and more importantly the list price.

WrenchHead ~ Relatively new online parts store with active catalog. Looks like it's gonna' be a helpful site.

Summit Racing ~ You know what this site is, excellent resource for after market parts.

Mr. Mikes ~ Looks like a good source for carpet and upholstery kits for our cars.

Cruzin' Performance ~ Rich at Cruizin offers flow matching and cleaning of fuel injectors. I have had personal experience with him and he is great. My own injectors flowed 20% unbalanced of each other. If you have any fuel injector issues go no further than Cruizin' Performance. Fast, fair, quality, and honest as the day is long.
Email him at

Kelly Blue Book ~ Used Car Values

Auto Trader Online ~ Probably the largest used car classified ad database in existence.

Phoenix Graphix ~ Advertises "any decal...any car." Nice complete catalog for $6.00, looks like an excellent restoration resource.

Eastwood ~ Many hard to find tools here, and also an awesome arsenal of OEM paints and restoration finishes. Good resource also for buffs, grinders, and other helps for buffing aluminum and porting supplies. Free Catalog for the asking.

Exotic F-Body ~ This is a well designed site by Third Gen Member "XXROOXX" that features the some unusual F-Body Cars. Interesting pics and stories with useful links.

The F-Body Organization ~ A very helpful site much like Third Gen packed with tips, ads, technical information, classified ads, resources and links.

Texas Trans Am ~ And Old Car Finder ~ This site features Trans Am & Firebird classified ads for parts and many cars for sale, lots of other good info too. Ads are free.

Marler Guitars ~ Not a dang thing to do with cars but we gotta' take a break sometime. This is my friend in NM that handmakes awesome guitars. If you're a picker or know one, check this out.

Black Label ~ Well while I'm off the subject of cars, this is my new favorite band. Southern Rock from Alabama. Check these guys out soon. They have a new CD coming out in the near future, their second.

Michael Davis ~ Mike's site concentrates on PROM programming and the software related to it.

Rick & Mindy's Automotive ~ An excellent source for used GM Service Manuals. You may also call 1-888-MANUAL9.

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