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In this section I will disclose tips, modifications, and repairs that I have experienced. The focus will be on the two cars I work on: 85 Firebird SE 5.0 (LG4) and an 86 Trans Am 5.0 TPI (LB9) however many applications will work on any 82 to 92 F-Body Camaros, Firebirds, and Trans Ams.

My First Tip: Visit and get a Parts CD for your car. It will make life much easier not only for reassembly assistance but being able to talk "correct" part numbers with your GM dealer.

Parts Manual on CD

Information below is provided as a courtesy.

Common Trouble Codes ~ Diagnostics & Solutions
Sensor Locations ~ Basic Locations for F Body Cars
Car Overheating ~ On Highway & In General
A/C Sealing Strips ~ Cooling Down the Car ~ Provided by Mike Metzler
Coolant Temp Sensor ~ 85 Firebird
Ignition Key Locked Down ~ Any GM
Replacing Bugged PROM ~ TSB on Bad Prom ~ Provided by Vader
F-Body Online Part & Illustration Manual ~ Provided by Mike Metzler
Throttle Body Components ID Photo ~ Courtesy of Vader
MAF Relays Location ~ 86 T/A ~ Courtesy of Vader

Spark Plug Mod ~ All models with After Market High Output Coil
Throttle Body Bypass ~ TPI models ~ 3rd Gen Article by Iroczdave
Cooling System Mods ~ All models
Dual Fan Conversion ~ Excellent article by Mike Metzler
Dual Circuit Fan Control ~ Installation of Adjustable Derale Fan Control
MAT Relocation ~ TPI models
Air Cleaner Cut Out ~ Warning ~ 86 T/A 5.0 TPI
Air Cleaner Modification ~ Airflow Data & Improvement ~ 86 T/A
Cap/Coil/Rotor ~ High Output ~ 85/86 TPI
AFPR ~ Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator ~ Build Your Own
Plenum Porting ~ TPI models
Minor Tail Light Detailing ~ Any Car

Buffing Aluminum:

Buffing Safety ~ Read This One First Please
Buffing vs. Polishing ~ Tips - Tricks - Facts & Myths
Buffing Info
~ Metal Buffing Compound and Wheel Charts
Polishing Your Wheels ~ 86 T/A Style Rims
Polishing Your Plenum ~ 86 T/A and Other Models
Plenum Extension Mod ~ Part II of Polishing Your Plenum
Polish Your Own Alternator ~ For Zero Bucks
Polishing Misc. Parts ~ Misc. Underhood Aluminum

Powdercoating ~ For Profit (and fun) Includes Several Projects

SAE Wrench & Drill Sizes ~ If you screw up SAE as bad as I do!
Poor Mans Caliper ~ Measuring Sway Bar Diameter
Torque ~ TPI models
Fluid Capacities ~ 85 & 86 Firebird and T/A
Engine & Cam Specs ~ Misc. Models ~ Courtesy of Jeff Strey (Vader)

Tire Size Formulas ~ Understanding Tire Size Conversions
Wheel Identity Chart ~ 82 thru 92 ~ Firebirds and Trans Ams
Suspension Diagram ~ Parts Identity For a Suspension Upgrade
Trans Am Under Carraige ~ a.k.a. Why we need SFC's

Auto Electric Basics ~ Intro into some Basic Electric Principles
Cooling Fan Circuit ~ 86 T/A 5.0 TPI
Emission Hose Routing ~ 86 T/A 5.0 TPI
Cruise Control Vacuum Routing ~ 86 5.0 T/A ~ All
Fuse Box Diagram ~ 86 and others
Power Antenna ~ Wiring Diagram ~ 86 T/A ~ and others
ALDL ~ Diagnostic Connector

Opinions & Theories:
Thermostat Theory ~ Dropping the Temp
MAF Screen Removal ~ One word ~ Don't

Paint & Body:
Painting Your Car ~ Basic Steps
Tools & Supplies Required ~ In Progress
Body Prep & Repair ~ Before You Paint
Color Sand & Buff ~ In Progress

Red Tape:
Insurance Companies - Dealing with the "Establishment"
Body Shops - The Low Down


Definitions ~ Commonly used Terms and Abbreviations
How to Post A Picture ~ To a Message Board (Like Third Gen)
Long Term Auto Storage ~ Article by "Vader" 3rd Gen ID
Oil Additive Study ~ The low down on additives like "Slick 50", "STP".

RPO Codes ~ Code Finding Links & Some Hard to Find Codes
Production Numbers ~ Firebird & Trans Am ~ By Model
Production Numbers ~ Firebird & Trans Am ~ By Engine & Trans

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