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Old Cars Stand Holds Picture
Story After many years in the retail trade business I was looking for a change. I have always loved old cars, classic cars. While in Phoenix, Arizona for 10 years I studied HTML and digital photography extensively. I began designing websites for myself and others. I got tired of the "big city life" and moved to my childhood hometown of 12,000, Portales, New Mexico. Story
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Story I started filling in on weekends at a friend's small car lot to give him a break to travel and see his family. I enjoyed the business of cars. I sold an old car for him on Ebay. The word got out that I was an old car buff and people started coming to me to either buy or sell their classics. This is where I combined my experience with HTML and photography, knowledge of Ebay, and love of old cars to create AutoMaxx Classic Online Car Auctions. Story
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